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Why You should Switch to Homemade Deodorant

Getting the truth on the chemicals used to make deodorants you use everyday can be very frightening. More people are however faced with a disturbing dilemma of either stopping or not. Knowing the facts is critical because you are able to make the right decision. Here are key considerations why you should shift to homemade deodorants.

Ready to use deodorants are made of ingredients such as Dimethicone which is silicon based. This ingredient is dangerous to your skin because it closes the pores and compromises the process of perspiration. Often, many people report of itching, rashes and chest tightness after continued use. Other ingredients include Aluminum, Mercury, Paraben and Copper which have been associated with cancers of the skin, breast and cardiovascular problems.

Home made deodorants are good because they are made by ingredients with no negative effects to you. Most of the ingredients are natural and will readily be absorbed to strengthen the skin and support the entire perspiration system. These ingredients include bicarbonate, water, essential oils, lemon peels, and coconut oil. You therefore do not have to worry when using them because they do not have any side effects.

Most home made ingredients such as essential and coconut oils are also helpful in treating skin problems. They will help to address skin dryness and promote cells development. They will also reduce chances of skin cancer when used progressively.

The cost of deodorants from cosmetic shops is usually very high. Because of special association with highly rated modelling personalities and long chains of distribution, the retail price is usually very high. However, the ingredients for any homemade deodorant are available from your grocery and hypermarket at affordable prices. All you need is to understand the required ingredients and how to mix them. Do not continue risking your health anymore, make and use your own deodorant at home.

Written By: svalley

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