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Want Fuller Lips? Use These Makeup Tricks!

Full lips are very popular today and many women are willing to do anything, including having collagen injections, to have their lips look fuller. But it' possible to achieve fuller lips by using makeup and it's a much safer and cheaper option. Just follow these simple steps.

1.Apply lip balm
Do your best to avoid cracked lips. If they are very chapped, consider rubbing a damp cloth over them so as to remove dry skin.
2.Use lip liner
When choosing your lip liner, make sure it matches the lipstick you'll use. Only apply the lip liner on the very top part of your lips, with little curves .Gently level out the bottom curve to make your lips look plumper on top.
3.Choose your lip stick
With a wide variety of colors of lipstick available, you can be sure to find one that suits you. Pick a coral or natural pink color if you have difficulty deciding on which color to use. When applying the lipstick, avoid it getting smeared on either the surrounding skin or the teeth. Make certain that the lip liner is not visible.
4.Put on lip gloss
If possible, go for clear lip gloss. Apply it onto the middle part of your lips, especially towards the bottom. This way you'll be able to direct attention to the middle rather than the whole of your lips, thus making them look fuller.
5. Add a natural shadow
To make your lips appear fuller, add the shadow under the lower lip. Choose an eye shadow that matches the color of your skin tone and mix it mauve eye shadow on a fluffy, small makeup brush. Sweep the makeup under your lower lip and then use your fingers to blend till the shadow looks completely natural, and not like dirt. Usually, this step requires practice and patience.

Written By: lavine0

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